Finding Me: The Series

Finding Me: The Series

2 Seasons

The hit online TV series that everyone is talking about. Finding Me continues the dramatic journey of lovable but often confused Faybien Allen as he continues to navigate complex relationships with lovers and friends. Along the way, best friends Greg and Tammy encounter situations that brings on the need for self-reflection. This urban based series delves into the grittier path of self discovery through the eyes of newcomer Omar (the directionless 'thug'). Finding Me is a fun and realistic depiction of the growing pains we experience in life.

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Finding Me: The Series
  • Tell It To Yourself

    Episode 1

    Two weeks after the events of Finding Me: TRUTH, Greg begins to reflect on his actions. In the midst of his introspection he discovers his true feelings for the man he hurt.

  • Worth Searching For

    Episode 2

    Faybien finds himself with someone new. Even though this new man seems to be Mr. Right, Faybien guards his heart, because he questions his feelings for Morris.

  • Is That Why You Came Back?

    Episode 3

    Omar comes back to town, but there are many unanswered questioned surrounding his return. When he runs into a cute guy at the park he goes back into old habits.

  • What Do We Have Here? (Pt 1)

    Episode 4

    Three's company, but four is a crowd. Tammy has one too many unexpected visitors, and something she says leads to a huge misunderstanding.

  • What Do We Have Here? (Pt 2)

    Episode 5

    After Tammy gets rid of the unwanted guest, she is haunted by the decisions of her past.

  • Dynamic Jilted Duo

    Episode 6

    In trying to cope with the betrayal from someone he loved, Reggie's old wounds resurface.

  • Not What I Was Expecting

    Episode 7

    Finally feeling focused, Faybien is eager to get a jump start on his career. Lining up an interview to a promising job in the music industry, he wasn't expecting the obstacle that is in his way.

  • Unfinished Business

    Episode 8

    Faybien, Tammy and Greg get together to play catch up. They exchange stories and Faybien finally confronts Omar about the missing Jay.

  • I Just Want To Be Around

    Episode 9

    Omar's home life with his baby's momma sends him seeking refuge in the arms of his hook up.

  • The End
    Episode 10

    The End

    Episode 10

    Kyle gives Omar and ultimatum to either seek therapy or leave. Meanwhile, Reggie is in therapy trying to deal with his issues. We also find out Morris has been keeping from Faybien.

  • 3:58
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    Greg learns a valuable lesson when his past becomes his present, while Tammy figures out how difficult it is trying to balance being pregnant and having a romantic life.

  • Turning Point

    Episode 12

    Season 1 reaches it's climactic end in this explosive feature length story. Faybien, Greg, Tammy and Omar discovers the journey to self discover can come at a cost.

  • Episode 101
    Episode 13

    Episode 101

    Episode 13

    Faybien's professional and personal life is about to take a dramatic turn. Greg makes an offer to Tammy that she can't refuse. Omar is finally opening up to his relationship.