Finding Me: The Series

2 Seasons

The hit online TV series that everyone is talking about. Finding Me continues the dramatic journey of lovable but often confused Faybien Allen as he continues to navigate complex relationships with lovers and friends. Along the way, best friends Greg and Tammy encounter situations that brings on the need for self-reflection. This urban based series delves into the grittier path of self discovery through the eyes of newcomer Omar (the directionless 'thug'). Finding Me is a fun and realistic depiction of the growing pains we experience in life.

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  • Episode 1 "Cause & Effect pt 1"

    Episode 1 33m

    Omar is dealing with the death of his lover Kyle and seeking to take revenge, Reggie is facing the fact that he might have hurt someone, Greg and Tammy are dealing with a tragedy and Faybien comes to the realization that past loves don't always mend wounds.

  • Episode 2 "Cause & Effect pt 2"

    Episode 2 29m

    Faybien confronts his father about his sexuality, Greg begins to realize the relationship he is in may be the right fit, Tammy's pain is a lot deeper than she realizes and Omar meets someone new to pacify the heartache.

  • Episode 4 "Brand New Me"

    Episode 3 29m

    Faybien, Greg, Tammy and Omar each reach a point when they begin to look at the direction their lives have taken. An irruption at work forces Faybien to focus more on his career and less on his love life, and he finally comes to a decision in regards to his relationship with Morris, Greg confesse...

  • Episode 3 "What Kind of Dreamer Are You"

    Episode 4 32m

    Greg awakens to alarming news and later has an unexpected visit from an old friend, Tammy is trying to cope with the loss of her child, Faybien gets a hefty dose of reality from his boss and decides to put his career first, and Omar's past continues to threaten him.

  • Episode 5 "Birth Day"

    Episode 5 27m

  • Episode 6 "Distance Myself"

    Episode 6 27m

    Greg is trying to work through his separation from Kelly by trying something new, but through temptation he's reminded of the bet he made with Jerome. Tammy is slowly learning to move on from the despair by spending some quality time with her best friend; Max. After the damaging entertainment rep...