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Tell It To Yourself

Finding Me: The Series – 7m 20s

Up Next in Finding Me: The Series

  • Episode 1 "Cause & Effect pt 1"

    Omar is dealing with the death of his lover Kyle and seeking to take revenge, Reggie is facing the fact that he might have hurt someone, Greg and Tammy are dealing with a tragedy and Faybien comes to the realization that past loves don't always mend wounds.

  • Episode 2 "Cause & Effect pt 2"

    Faybien confronts his father about his sexuality, Greg begins to realize the relationship he is in may be the right fit, Tammy's pain is a lot deeper than she realizes and Omar meets someone new to pacify the heartache.

  • Worth Searching For

    Faybien finds himself with someone new. Even though this new man seems to be Mr. Right, Faybien guards his heart, because he questions his feelings for Morris.